Skinning machine


Technical characteristics of the skinning machine:
– Unique tail removal tool
– More comfortable fixing and releasing of paws
– Pulling the skin with traction control
– Adjusting the maximum pulling strength
– Automatic counting of pieces and possibility of marking a broken skin
– Operatively controlled and observed work of the machine
FinFur application gives the owner real-time overview of the skinning machine’s work.
User has the possibility to:
– Securely access real-time skinning machine statistics form a mobile, a tablet or a computer
– Have an overview of broken skins grouped by machine or by worker
– Manage the list of persons working on the machine
– Filter the statistics by machine and worker
– Filter the statistics by desired time period
– Share existing information with partners. Grant them full administrator rights or read only rights
The new comforts of the skinning machine:
– More stable, compact and installable in the work position quickly
– Can be adjusted according to every operator’s needs
– Bigger and safer illuminated working surface
– Completely pressure washing proof





FinFur FoxScale – a multifunctional tool designed with ergonomics and safety in mind. Different operations are more confortable for the worker and the animal. Besides weighting the animals, this scale can also be used for seeding and breed quality checking procedures.


-Maximum Weight Capacity – 60kg-Maximum error margin -until 30kg, 20g from 30-60

-Automatic calibration – Yes

-Works with battery – Yes

-Works with power supply – Yes

-Net Weight – 24,3kg

-Possibility to order a label printer